Revenite = Comeback

I defy anyone to say they haven’t had days full of doubts, fears, feelings of wanting to quit, wanting to do nothing but stay in bed. It’s a by-product of life, especially if you are trying desperately to make something of yours, to reach the top. You leave yourself vulnerable to making a slip and falling right back to where you started from. But does this mean you should stop trying? Hell no! You start again. You learn from what went wrong. You make a comeback.

As difficult as it may be to accept sometimes, those failures which brought us down are not only inevitable, but valuable. Much more valuable than if we got it right the first time. We need them. It’s a beautiful thing about life – each time we fail, we are being presented an opportunity to do it better the next time. To become stronger, more knowledgeable, more humble. Each time we fail, we are presented with a chance to make a comeback.

Make YOUR comeback.


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